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Important and helpful information about Permanent Makeup Procedures: 

Permanent cosmetic tattooing is not the same as traditional body art. The pigment and the placement of the pigment and also the skin it is being placed in is quite different from traditional tattooing. 

Permanent Makeup pigments are specifically designed for facial skin tissue, and are meant to mimic natural-looking makeup.  This pigment should fade over time,  the length of time your color will last depends on many different factors: 

All colors will fade at different rates, and micro blading will typically fade the fastest. 

Color retention will typically last between 2-5 years on average. 

Other factors in color retention will depend on your health and the health of your skin, your age, and also ethnicity.    All of these factors will have a huge effect on how the color looks and lasts on your skin. 


Things that can cause faster fading are, but are not limited to: 

  • Chlorine pools 
  • Retin-A 
  • Skin exfoliates 
  • Excess sun exposure 


Implanted pigment color will mix with your skin tone as it is implanted in your skin, So, understand that the pigment is chosen with this factor in mind. 


Fading occurs naturally as soon as its implanted, but there are things we can do to help longevity. 

It’s best to refrain from using anti-coagulant products such as aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E,  and fish oils, a few days before the procedure.  But it is not required, and most people are still able to have a good result. 


For lip procedures: 

If you have a history of cold sores and fever blisters, you will want to start on an anti-viral medication such as Zovirax, or Valtrex and few days before and after the procedure, to prevent an outbreak from occurring. This will need to be prescribed by your doctor. 



On the day of your procedure: 

You will be completing a consent and health and history form.  There will be a photo taken of the area we will be working on.  And a numbing cream will be applied.  

Then as we begin, we will wash the area to be treated, and a design drawing will be applied.  You will be able to look at the design for your approval,  and we will make any changes needed before beginning the procedure. 

After we have decided on the perfect design for you, the permanent makeup will then be applied. 

Remember, the color will appear darker and bolder than the final result will be.  This recovery time will last approximately 5-7 days.   As the pigment healing process sluffs off and exfoliates, the color will then appear softer and lighter in the skin as the final result.  You should notice approximately a 30% reduction in the color. 

As time passes within the next few weeks, you should see some continued fading.  At this time, you will be able to notice if there are areas that need a bit more color, or perfecting. This is the time to call for a touch-up if it is needed. 

For a week after the Procedure: 

Please remember that during the healing process, it is important to keep the area clean, and avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, rivers, lakes, heavy workouts, hot yoga, and excessive sun exposure.  And also avoid makeup in the treated area.  

Aftercare instructions and treatment ointment will be provided. 

Also, masks will be worn by the technician and client in the treatment room to avoid any possible germs or viruses that could be present. Masks will be provided. 

Any further questions or concerns will be answered through the office staff. 

Frequently asked questions: 

Q: Can I have Blepharoplasty (eye lift) after permanent eyeliner?2023-05-17T18:26:07+00:00

A:  Yes.  The pigment is placed in the lash line and sometimes thicker. But unless you have very thick eyeliner with extreme wings, it should not disturb your permanent eyeliner.   

Q: Can I have Permanent Makeup after Botox injections, fillers or chemical peels?2023-05-17T18:25:47+00:00

A:  yes.  You will want to wait at least a week after botox, and fillers and Chemical peels may need a little longer to heal first.  Some results are better when fillers are placed after the permanent makeup procedure. For instance, it may be a better choice for Lips to have fillers after, so that it can enhance the permanent makeup color, and not interfere with implanting color in a filled lip that may not continue to be filled.  Or if the filler is misplaced, then the Permanent makeup could also be misplaced following the lip filler treatment. 

Q: How are shapes and desired colors determined?2023-05-17T18:25:26+00:00

A:  The technician will consult with you about your desired result before beginning.  We will take in consideration your lifestyle, your skin tone, your hair color, and the shape you are looking for.  Everyone’s face is different and no eyebrows are the same on each person’s face.  The shape will be applied to your face with pencil first, and you will be able to help with the desired shape.  And after you are satisfied with that shape, it will then be applied. 

Q: Can I go to work after Permanent Makeup?2023-05-17T18:25:07+00:00

A:  Yes, you may have a little swelling the day after your procedure, but you can do most of your normal activities.  Just know you will feel like the color is a bit too dark for 5-7 days.  It is healing. 


Q: How long does Permanent Makeup last?2023-05-17T18:24:48+00:00

A:   this will vary among different people and is dependent on the shade of the pigment, ethnicity, age, and care of the permanent makeup itself.   Most colors last 3-5 years, although some may not fade for 10 years.   Colors can also be changed for a brighter or darker look, But if soft and natural is your choice, you can expect it to need a touch-up a little more often.   

Q: Is the procedure guaranteed?2023-05-17T18:24:24+00:00

A:  Our goal is to ensure our clients are happy and completely satisfied with their permanent makeup.  Once the pigment is implanted in the skin, it stays there until it fades or has corrective removal of some kind.  However, adjustments may be needed, and all clients are welcome to return for any needed adjustments for a nominal cost of $50- $100 before the first year.   

Q: Do I need more than one appointment?2023-05-17T18:24:01+00:00

A:  A lot of people do need a follow up appointment to perfect anything that may have lost color.  But not everyone needs a follow up appointment.  It will be available to you after 6 weeks, and before 6 months if needed. 

Q: How long does Permanent Makeup take to heal?2023-05-17T18:23:40+00:00

A:  5-7 days.  You will need to keep the area clean, and the ointment applied, as per instructions you will receive.  You will need to avoid swimming, and excessive sun exposure. After this 5-7 day healing period, you can resume your regular routines. 

Q: How long does the procedure take?2023-05-17T18:23:19+00:00

A:  Approximately 1-2 hours on average 

Q: Is Permanent Makeup safe?2023-05-17T18:22:52+00:00

A:  Permanent Makeup at Lasting Effect is performed under State regulated Sterile and sanitary conditions, and we use only disposable needle cartridges, and disposable surface coverings.    The long term effect with permanent makeup is safe. And the short term may include redness, swelling, and tenderness.  There are no known allergic reactions to pigments. 

Q: Is there Pain or Discomfort?2023-05-17T18:22:26+00:00

A:  We use the best available topical numbing creams available, and apply them throughout the procedure.  Occasionally there are clients that don’t numb as well as others, but it is very tolerable, and we will do all we can to make you comfortable.