Permanent Makeup is more than just the new wave in beauty enhancement. Permanent Makeup is perfect for enhancing your natural features or permanent cosmetics can be used to mask scars and even help repair scarring from surgery after mastectomy. Permanent Makeup is an extremely safe procedure that will ensure lasting beauty with a minimal amount of discomfort. Not only will you save money and time on expensive cosmetics, you will have hassle-free makeup that is specifically designed to meet your needs.

The permanent makeup procedure enhances your own beautiful features. We can add color to your lips making them appear naturally full. If you are unhappy with your eye brows we can reshape and darken your brows. With permanent makeup we can make your lashes appear fuller or give a definite eye liner look. Eye liner can also be enhanced with a smudged look. Many people are embarrassed by scars or blemishes, especially discoloration and scarring caused by surgery. Don’t be embarrassed anymore. We can help you regain your confidence. Anyone who wants to improve their appearance and have the convenience of permanent lip color, permanent eyebrows and eyeliner that won’t rub off, smudge or smear can enjoy the benefits of micropigmentation.

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Patti has been a licensed permanent makeup artist for over 25 years. She is considered an industry leader in the art of permanent makeup and is doctor recommended for post surgical reconstructive applications.